Introducing the "The MINI"

Pre-Op Surgical Skin Marker

Comply with JCAHO Universal Protocol for correct site marking. Our non sterile, scrub resistant markers provide the ideal solution to marking patients prior to surgery. These single patient use markers provide an economical alternative to opening a sterile package.

Your Win/ Win Solution

Nurses and other health care professionals do not want to reuse regular size skin markers from patient to patient due to fears of cross contamination

Hospital administrators are asking, "Why are we wasting a perfectly good skin marker that has only been used on one patient"?

Here's the answer!




Finally, a pre-op surgical skin marker designed for single patient use.  There is no longer a need to open a sterile marking pen and use it on one or more patients.

Mini Marker Fax Order Form (click here)

Cat. # Description Case Qty
RM1451-200 Pre-Surgical Mini Marker, Non Sterile with plastic container 200/CS              Minimum or 2 cases
RM1451-1000    Pre-Surgical Mini Marker, Non Sterile 1000/CS            Minimum or 1 cases