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PharmaTags: Anesthesia Roll Labels

and Nursing Roll Labels

What good is a medication label if you can barely see it?
Medication labels for "Off" the Sterile Field.

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PharmaTags: Nursing Roll Labels

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RMAC's Second Law of Medication Safety

Larger Labels

+Larger Text Font

+More Visible Color

Increased Patient Safety

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PharmaTags: Anaesthesia Roll Labels are the newest complement to the Pharmatags Medication Labeling System. Our roll labels are used in operating rooms, nursing units, and other procedural areas of hospitals and day surgery clinics. PharmaTags: ARL medication labels are larger than all other anesthesia labels on the market today. Larger labels mean larger text fonts and more visible color recognition for the User.

Colors are consistent with ASTM standards for User Applied Medication Labels in Anesthesia and Critical Care. These labels are also 100% JCAHO compliant including the revisions to NPSG3d that were made in Feb. 2006.